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The idea of an ERP system is to make the various functions of your company easy to manage and monitor – enabling you to maintain a strong grip over your business and facilitate everyday routines. The only right choice to guide your business is a system that flexibly adapts to your business needs, not the other way around!

The most versatile ERP on the market

DL Prime Online is the most versatile enterprise resource planning (ERP) system on the market. Here you will find all the functions and features that are essential for modern business, keeping the controls of your company firmly in your hands.

Our adaptive ERP solution consists of several different software modules, from which you can select the most important functions for your company that will help you take your business forward. New functions can be added to the software as your needs grow. When the ERP system is properly tailored, it meets real needs, and staff members are also able to swiftly incorporate it as part of their everyday work.

All the functions of your company – bundled into one software program

DL Prime Online software is suitable for growth-oriented companies, regardless of their size and business field.  The system can bundle all the most important functions of your business, such as quotation, sales and purchasing functions, customer relationship management, invoicing and accounting. Even with a solution that is light as a whole, a lot can be achieved!

Our browser- and application-based software, or a combination of both, adapts to the changing needs of your company by supporting your business. You always have access to exactly the right tools to take your business to the next level.

The DL Prime Online ERP system can be used either locally or securely in the cloud, on servers hosted by DL Software. With our cloud service, you ensure that your software is automatically updated to the latest version, your database is backed up, and the security of your server space is top notch.

Business sector-specific is naturally a given!

The DL Prime Online ERP system is the choice for growth-oriented companies in Finland and the Nordic countries. Our customers represent a wide range of industries from small fitness studios to large industrial groups. This shows that our ERP system adapts flexibly and cost-effectively to a diverse range of industry needs. See examples of these in the Business sectors section. If you can’t find your own among the sectors, don’t worry – we will definitely find an ERP solution that suits your needs!

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