DL Software – we take your business to the next level

We are DL Software – an advanced software house that develops browser- and application-based DL Prime Online business software, integrated online commerce solutions, and online finance services. Our versatile software solutions help companies streamline their operations and take their business to the next level.

More than just a software house

DL Software has its roots in Vaasa, and we have expanded our operations throughout Finland and the rest of the Nordic countries during our nearly 40-year history. Over the years, our roots have been strengthened by Cash-In, which provides financial management expert services, and Workmanager, which focuses on production control systems. Together we form DL Companies.

The DL Prime Online software we developed is suitable for companies of all sizes, regardless of business sector. Among other fields, we offer solid business sector-specific expertise particularly in the sports and fitness center sector, manufacturing, wholesale and specialty goods, logistics, technical trade, and in boat and vehicle trading.

A strongly growing expert company

Today, we are a strongly growing software specialist company that offers services for varying business needs under one roof: operations and production management, online financial management, accounting and collection services, and reliable business support services. By choosing us, your company will have a competent, reliable and long-term partner, whose expertise will enable you to grow, develop and focus on your own core business.

There are already more than a hundred of us at DL, and our staff is constantly growing. Since June 2019, we have been part of the Confirma Software Group, which is rapidly expanding in the Nordic countries. Together with our new colleagues, our goal is to be one of the largest software groups in the Nordic region.

DL Software in a nutshell:

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Confirma Software

Confirma Software is a fast-growing Nordic software group whose companies provide versatile software and special solutions to their customers in Finland, Sweden and Norway. These companies’ strong market position, continuous product development, and close cooperation ensure access to modern tools for business development for their thousands of customers.

The Group’s core business is built on supporting companies’ critical functions with various types of business software and related services. Confirma Software’s product portfolio includes ERP and quality management systems, financial and payroll management software, as well as various cash register systems and mobile payment solutions. www.confirmasoftware.com